Mini Winesgiving

I love the holiday season. Literally every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas becomes an excuse for celebratory drinking. Hey, it’s the 3rd Monday before Christmas, so let’s break out some blanc de blanc (de blanc de blanc de blanc) and festive cookies at 2pm. Just try not to end up in a sugar coma under your desk listening to sad Christmas music.

This week, with Thanksgiving upon us, I wanted to offer a couple suggestions if you find yourself needing a respite from family activities or football. With pie. And wine. I’m all about necessities.

The Crucible:American Syrah/Shiraz Because the Puritans. Enjoy a pre-thievery Winona Ryder accuse her friends and neighbors of witching, all basically to get a rise out of former lover Daniel Day Lewis. Also, she’s bats**t nuts. The scenes of hysteria may resemble the antics of your Thanksgiving table.

giphy (5)

Tip: Try randomly yelling “I saw Aunt Mary with the Devil. I saw Grandma Carol with the Devil. I SAW GOODY SMITH WITH THE DEVIL!” at dinner if the political speak becomes too harried. Or if anyone mentions Donald Trump and guns.

giphy (6)

I’d love to pair this one with a foxy, early American style wine made from Concord grapes, but I’m not that nasty. Instead, try a domestic Syrah/Shiraz, a seriously up and coming varietal. Orin Swift literally just came out with a Syrah blend from Washington State. I personally haven’t tried it yet, but it’s apparently excellent. In fact, if you get something from WA Colombia Valley, you should be in good shape.

Orin Swift: Master of Hipster bottles

Let the aromas of chocolate covered boysenberries caked in spice carry you into Black Friday and away from any awkward encounters of the holiday kind.




Pocahontas:Hot Climate Chenin Blanc If you’re turning on an animated movie, you’re probably already well wined and ready to sing along to some classic Disney songs with your cousins.

giphy (7)
Eyebrows on fleek tho, Kocoum.

Pocahontas may have rewritten historical fact, but hey, at least you can drunk-sing “Colors of the Wind” between bites of pie. Personally, I’m Team Kocoum. John Smith doesn’t even last…I’ve seen Pocahontas 2:Journey to England and Other Historical Nonsense.


giphy (8)
I know when that hotline bling…

Anyway, we’re going with a hot climate Chenin Blanc as it possesses some festive descriptors such as buttery, graham crackery, nutmegy, burnt sugary…and, like, also some fruit, golden apples,apricots, peach etc. Sounds kind of like a Starbucks holiday latte, but I swear it tastes like wine. While not really a dessert wine, it won’t decimate your pie experience, especially if you enjoy the pumpkin variety.m-a-n-family-wines-man-vintners-free-run-steen-chenin-blanc-coastal-region-south-africa-10579439 I suggest an oaked Chenin Blanc blend (usually with Semillon or Viognier) from South Africa for the value and quality. If you’re a one wine all night kind of person, it’ll go well with the turkey and corresponding side dishes.


BONUS-Football: WTF just anything but gross beer. I hate beer, sorry not sorry. My parents are huge fans, but I can’t seem to acquire that taste for swill.

giphy (9)

See you in December. Happy Winesgiving.


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